Five Best Internet Radio Services

Internet radio is getting popular these days. Though it is a pre- recorded mp3 file, but it is a live broadcast on the internet. Whenever you tune into the radio station you can listen to it till you are within its range, but you can tune into the internet radio at any place despite the location and the range. Only you need to have the internet connection on your device. Even more, it is not dependant on the area. Sometimes there are times when you do not want to search

History of Internet Radio

Radio is one of the most convenient ways for entertainment and collecting information.It is the most successful mediums as it has the access in the village areas as well.An easy access is the only reason behind the massive popularity of Radio. A revolutionary change came into light when Internet radio was introduced by the Carl Malamud in the year of 1993. That is the beginning of some technical cum revolutionary changes. Initial days of Internet Radio The internet radio was the talk of the town at that time. In the

How Internet Radio works

Internet radio is very popular nowadays. Either internet radio is an already recorded mp3 file or it is a live broadcast over internet. Usually when you tune into any radio station, you can listen to it only till it is in your range, but internet radio can be tuned wherever you are, you just need internet connection to tune it. So, internet radio is not dependent on any area. The Basic elements required for Internet Radio: Source You are a source because you will have to upload audio clips, recorded

The Best Internet Radio Stations

Radio has been an enjoyable past time of people for so many years. Radio is something that everybody listens to, no matter what. No downloading, no buffering and so enjoyable, gives you a feeling that you are connected to many. Not only songs, but you get to know many other important aspects of life through the radio like news, general knowledge etc.  As we all know since the day internet has stepped into all of our lives, it has improved our lives. The internet has also improved the experience of

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Indonesia

The 4th most populous country in the world is Indonesia. It houses more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia is an amazing place to visit. Other than Bali, there are many reasons why you should visit Indonesia. 10 Reasons to visit Indonesia Scuba Diving /Snorkelling About 20% of world’s coral reef houses in Indonesia.Also, one can experience the best scuba diving and snorkeling here.Even if you’re a beginner or an experienced diver you will find many rental shops here and can enjoy an incredible diving experience. If you come to Indonesia, it’s

Top 10 Must Visit Places in Indonesia

Indonesia is an exquisite country laced with cultural diversity accentuating more than 700 languages and 300 ethnic groups. It has around 17000 splendid islands and much more yet to be explored. The list describes the top 10 places that demand to be visited by people looking to satiate their wanderlust. 1)    Dieng Plateau: This plateau offers in abundance for the nature lovers. It is situated at 2000 meters above sea level. The places to explore in the vicinity include sceneries from Hindu temples, peaks, hot spring and a multicolored lake.

The Ultimate Guide ToIndonesia’s Best Islands

Indonesia, a nation having thousands of beautiful islands. You’ll fall in love with this Southeast Asian country from mountains to the white sand beaches, from continental food to the rejuvenating spa, from honeymooners to family holidaymakers. Must visit islands of Indonesia Jakarta, at the coast of Java:Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia situated on the coast of the most crowded island of Java.This capital region is the heart of Indonesia; you can visit many interesting places here like Jalan Benda, back alleys, spiritual exhibitions, the Dutch colonial quarter, traditional events,

Indonesia Beginners’ Guide: Bali, Lombok, Java AndFlores

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a paradise waiting to be explored. And while it may be on every ardent traveler’s list, the full discovery of this transcontinental country would take several years. Being the largest island nation in the world, Indonesia is not only replete with varied flora and fauna, it also boasts culture that is as diverse as it topography. Let’ take a look at some of the most-visited destinations in Indonesia by foreign travelers. With the below list you will be able to easily pick your next