The Ultimate Guide ToIndonesia’s Best Islands

Indonesia, a nation having thousands of beautiful islands. You’ll fall in love with this Southeast Asian country from mountains to the white sand beaches, from continental food to the rejuvenating spa, from honeymooners to family holidaymakers.

Must visit islands of Indonesia

Jakarta, at the coast of Java:Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia situated on the coast of the most crowded island of Java.This capital region is the heart of Indonesia; you can visit many interesting places here like Jalan Benda, back alleys, spiritual exhibitions, the Dutch colonial quarter, traditional events, ancient temples, etc.

Java offers natural rainforest, Mount Bromo, ethereal and admirable Kebun Rya Botanical gardens, ancient Buddhist temple.


Sumatra, the larger one:The most dramatic and largest island of Indonesia, at the west of Java and south of Malay Peninsula.It is famous for the hills that are conical in shape and green fields with dry lava, wildlife and smoldering volcanoes. At this island, you can plan a trip to the different lakes of thevolcanoes of Maninjau and Toba, jungles of Bukit Lawand and Tangkahana and rollers and waving destination at the islands of Nias and the Mentawai.

Beautiful Bali: The grand destination of every tourist’s is the Bali, where you can easily the spirituality beliefs and the sense of self-indulgence. This is a very celebrated place for sundowners, different dining and shopping for girls, Iconic volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs and beaches, Kaftans, linen and cotton dresses and a lot more.

Gili Trawangan Beach Photos

Some spiritual sites that you will love to see like Cliffside Uluwatu temple. And some prominent resort towns like Sanur, Seminyak and Nusa Dua.

Natural beauty of Lambok and Gili:Lambok is 30 miles east from Bali, which is alow profile island, but here you can experience the natural beauty and at island Gili, enjoy the boat ride, stay in resorts and refreshyourself with the spa.

Gili is the paradise island in Indonesia. Whitesand beaches, a peaceful place where you can sit lonely at the turquoise sea and understand its unique appeal and understand yourself.Another island is Trawangan, popularly known as Gili T, is Cosmopolitan Island famous for the party sites and bars, restaurants etc.

Kalimantan, the adventure world: The most jeopardize island of Borneo.Some attractive places here are rainforests, orangutans and leopards of Tanjung Puting National Park and indigenous tribes.


Papua: the world’s second biggest island is Papua New Guinea, in Indonesia’s western part of Papua. This is the most bio-diversified marine place with the most amazing sites for diving across the world; here you can enjoy rainforests, sugarloaves of karstic limestone and the archipelago of Raja Ampat.

Speculated trip to Timor: This dramatic island famous for the volcanoes, rising up from the sea level, smoking cones and caldera lakes. Some other speculateddestinations areBunaken National Park, the colonial towns of Timor, trip to Komodo National park, a home to the Komodo dragons.

These are some of the alluring and stunning islands of Indonesia that you don’t want to miss whenever you trip to Indonesia.

Plan a trip to the wonderful, exotic and adventurous places of Indonesia, and catch the natural beauty that makes this place as a paradise on earth.

Hi there! Indonesia is a country where you will find most loved inhabitant across the globe. Not only is Indonesia a colorful country but also has a lot of natural attractions in it that never will let you die out of boredom. Even, looking at volcanoes from Indonesia

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