Top 10 Must Visit Places in Indonesia

Indonesia is an exquisite country laced with cultural diversity accentuating more than 700 languages and 300 ethnic groups. It has around 17000 splendid islands and much more yet to be explored. The list describes the top 10 places that demand to be visited by people looking to satiate their wanderlust.

1)    Dieng Plateau: This plateau offers in abundance for the nature lovers. It is situated at 2000 meters above sea level. The places to explore in the vicinity include sceneries from Hindu temples, peaks, hot spring and a multicolored lake.


2)    Lake Maninjau: The lake offers a quintessential view and space to relax. People looking for a serene yet beautiful spot will surely enjoy this destination. The surrounding hills enhance the beauty of the blue lake even more.

3)    Tiger Islands: from the congested capital city of Jakarta, the Tiger islands are easily accessible via boat ride from Ancol. The islands are a paragon spot for underwater sports and snorkeling. The crystal clear water and white sand of its beaches make it even richer.

4)    Yogyakarta: It is considered to be the cultural hub. The streets are packed with food vendors, Gamelan concerts, and puppet makers. The city also has historical significance and temples such as Prambanan and Borobudur can be explored for a historical expedition.


5)    Komodo Island: It is the home to the largest lizard in the world weighing up to 70 kilograms. The Komodo National Park is protected site that has become a safe abode for these dragons.

6)    Bandung: It is a beautiful city situated in West Java. The volcanoes and tea plantations make up the mesmerizing views, apart from these views, the place is faddish for the delicious Cuisines it offers. The place is also ideal for buying fabrics and enjoying traditional music.

7)    Lombok Island: located in the proximity of Bali, it has become a center of attraction for the tourists. The Gilli Islands can be easily accessed from here. Kuta Beach and the active volcano of Mount Rinjani are located south of Lombok Island

8)    Manado, North Sulawesi:  It is the spice capital that traded with the Philippines and many other countries for a long period of time. The city is a hub for most imperative churches in the whole region. The main religion in Manado is Christianity. The nearby volcanoes, Lake Linow and Lake Tondano are a few spots for excursions.


9)    Raja Ampat: It is an ultimate destination for underwater diving. The scenery is indescribable when comes to beauty it upholds in terms of lush coral life, a huge variety of fish and mollusk. It is a good place if you are looking for something secluded and serene.

10)    Pontianak: Boat rides from this place take the tourists into the natural settings of dense rainforests. It is an interesting way of seeing how life has survived in these hinterlands.

Indonesia offers both natural beauty and commercial tourism for people looking for an adventurous escape. The place doesn’t disappoint in any way.

Hi there! Indonesia is a country where you will find most loved inhabitant across the globe. Not only is Indonesia a colorful country but also has a lot of natural attractions in it that never will let you die out of boredom. Even, looking at volcanoes from Indonesia

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