Indonesia Beginners’ Guide: Bali, Lombok, Java AndFlores

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a paradise waiting to be explored. And while it may be on every ardent traveler’s list, the full discovery of this transcontinental country would take several years. Being the largest island nation in the world, Indonesia is not only replete with varied flora and fauna, it also boasts culture that is as diverse as it topography.

Let’ take a look at some of the most-visited destinations in Indonesia by foreign travelers. With the below list you will be able to easily pick your next abode for an adventure filled vacation!



While Bali may have been affected by the impact of mass tourism, the island still offers an all-rounded adventure filled escapade. Water-lovers can base their trip around Amed and Pemuteran to indulge in snorkeling and diving. For surfing you may want to head over to the Bukit peninsula in the south or the Canggu on  thewest coast.

If you want to explore the real Bali, then you must go inland. Ubud, which is aptly referred to as Bali’s spiritual capital, has on offer heritage temples, native food and handicrafts. Go eastwards to the Besakih and you will get to indulge in holiness via the sacred Mount Agung and the Mother Temple.



Home to theIndonesian dance, Java is a populous isle that is dotted with volcanoes. Despite the congested cities and jammed roads, it is the heart of Indonesia. With puppet shows, rituals and dances- the island offers the cultural essence of Indonesia to its visitors. While the capital, Jakarta is best avoided by travelers, you must definitely see the volcano rich Krakatoa. Another destination not to be missed is the Ujung Kulon national park, which is home to the Javanese Rhino that is in danger of extinction.


Surfers should make it a point to make a trip to the Lombok during the months of April to November, Travelers to Lombok shouldn’t miss a trip to the nearby trio of sand isles called the Gilis. While the Gili Trawangan is the destination to party at, the Gili Air is famous as the peaceful getaway for couples, and then you have the Gili Meno which is renowned for its beaches. You can easily reach these self- indulgent destinations directly from Bali via speed boats.



After the Lombok island, if there is any destination that is visited in great numbers by the global travelers, it is the Flores. The tenth most populous island in Indonesia, Flores has on offer stunning diving spots. Wildlife lovers will be enchanted by the sight of Komodo dragons at the national park. Getting to this island is easy, as you can conveniently fly to Labuanbajo from Bali.

While those were some of the most visited destinations in Indonesia, the wonders of this nation do not end there. Further ahead, you can extend your Indonesian vacation by visiting the Sumatra, where you will find everything from orangutans to volcanic craters! Here’s wishing you a happy trip!

Hi there! Indonesia is a country where you will find most loved inhabitant across the globe. Not only is Indonesia a colorful country but also has a lot of natural attractions in it that never will let you die out of boredom. Even, looking at volcanoes from Indonesia

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