History of Internet Radio

Radio is one of the most convenient ways for entertainment and collecting information.It is the most successful mediums as it has the access in the village areas as well.An easy access is the only reason behind the massive popularity of Radio. A revolutionary change came into light when Internet radio was introduced by the Carl Malamud in the year of 1993. That is the beginning of some technical cum revolutionary changes.

Initial days of Internet Radio

The internet radio was the talk of the town at that time. In the beginning, Carl Malamud started a talk show, which was considered as the 1st computer & radio talk show. It was known as ‘Internet Talk Radio’. In this show, there was an interview of a computer specialist. The show gained so much popularity because of its amazing and interesting concept.


Another major milestone in the history of Internet radio came across when the first major concert was broadcasted on November 1994. In the same year, WXYC became the 1st official radio station to broadcast with the help of Internet.

In the year of 1995, the 1st ‘internet-only’ radio network was discovered by the ‘Scott Bourne’. That radio network was known as ‘NetRadio.com’ and it was a pioneer in the world of Internet radio. It was the 1st Internet-only network who got the license by the ASCAP. ‘NetRadio.com’ had set some paths to the present digital media.

‘Virgin Radio – London’was the first radio station of Europe to air its full live program on the Internet on the March 1996. It was the major achievement for the broadcaster to broadcast its own FM signals live from the source and at the same time on the internet round the clock in a day.

Internet Radio in the Late 90s

It is the most successful and significant time-period for Internet Radio. In the late 90s, internet radio engrossed investors and media’s attention. In the year of 1998, the first communal stock offering for the ‘Broadcast.com’ toput a record at the time for the biggestleap in value in stock offerings in the US.After so many ups and downs, the ‘Broadcast.com’ was purchased by the Yahoo in July 1999.


In the year of 1998, the longest internet running show was broadcasted. As of 2000 onwards, mostly internet radio stations have increased their stream value as bandwidth became more cost-effective. At the present time, many radio stations have streamed from 64kbit/s to 128kbit/s to provide the best quality.


Internet Radio and royalty controversy

The controversy began when the United States Congress approved the ‘digital millennium copyright act’, in the year of 1998. The act was simply meant that show royalties had to be compensated for every internet radio &satellite radio in addition to publishing royalties. The entire war continued till 2009 and now the picture is clear about the final outcome.

Well, the entire journey of Internet Radio was quite interesting and it was like a roller-coaster ride. Presently, the Radio is flourishing in the digital era, but there are so many challenges waiting further.

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