Five Best Internet Radio Services

Internet radio is getting popular these days. Though it is a pre- recorded mp3 file, but it is a live broadcast on the internet. Whenever you tune into the radio station you can listen to it till you are within its range, but you can tune into the internet radio at any place despite the location and the range. Only you need to have the internet connection on your device. Even more, it is not dependant on the area.

Sometimes there are times when you do not want to search for something you want to hear, but the internet radio service promises to deliver it to you as soon as you choose the genre you would love to listen. Many times you cannot interact with the station. Many times this question keeps running in our mind that which internet radio service provider is the best for us, After going through this you will not be in problem anymore.

List of five best internet services:


TuneIn– The mobile component makes TuneIn as the greatest service. It allows you to listen to the live radio despite the fact that you are in any part of the world. If you are searching for this you will have to search the genre and the type of music you want to listen. This could be used on iPad, Android, iPhone, WebOS and Blackberry and Windows Phone.– It has been established since 2000, quite long before when the streaming music had started. Many people must be having good memories when they were listening to It used to be much of a listener supported. It did not have any commercials during the broadcasting.

Pandora– It is known to be the juggernaut of the internet radio. Pandora has always delivered what ever it promises. You can give it the name of your one of the favorite artist and it will play the music according to your choice. Only way to interact with it is either a thumbs- up or thumbs-down. A Mobile app for this is also available.


Slacker– It takes personalization to a very new level. There are around 100 channels with genre specific channels which you can play at a time. The playlist is chosen by a DJ who generally loves music and the genre to be played. In this you cannot get the interactive service as in the rest of the inter radio service players. You can add songs to the music library as per your desire.

Spotify– Everybody was thrilled when spotify arrived in US. It is a full service music player. It also has some of the great radio features. You can also search for some of the popular stations organized by the artists. It is something more than the radio services. This also provides music without ads or commercials.

Above mentioned were the list of five best internet radio services. These will surely prove to be very useful for you if you are a music lover. Here, you are offered with various choices.

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