What can readers find in your site about Indonesia?

In this site, readers can find all about Indonesia; it can be the sights that need to be visited or even the places that deserve to have you for the food. You can also find information about the upcoming events that will be taking place in the county so that you are able to plan your vacations in collaboration with that. Also you will be able to look upon the top and best things that you can do while you are vacating at Indonesia which means the details about all the tourist attractions present there. You can also know about the seasons in which you can visit Indonesia with the best suitable weather conditions, etc. the packages, costs of travelling in each seasons will also form a part of this site. The latest happenings and things going on will also be made a part of this site. So, Everything!

What is your inspiration behind this site?

I visited Indonesia after going through another blog about that portrayed the glorious Indonesia and only going through that blog made me dream of having my feast in Indonesia, or witnessing the Komodo Dragon with naked eyes, or watching the sunrise beside the Bromo Volcano. Visiting Indonesia was one of the few rights decisions I had ever made and it earned the status of my best vacation ever right when I stepped out of my plane. The people I met were so friendly that they actually were ready to show me the whole city on their own without any expenses. Even though I had my maps with me, but it felt so amazing when I just asked a native about the address and they would explain it in a beautiful manner that I would fall in love with their sweetness. Just for these reasons, I thought that I also should start writing about this amazing country and its people so that people out there must plan a vacation there.

What is your general opinion about Indonesia as a whole?

Indonesia is a country where you will find most loved inhabitant across the globe. Not only is Indonesia a colorful country but also has a lot of natural attractions in it that never will let you die out of boredom. Even, looking at volcanoes from Indonesia seems a beautiful sight to gaze at and literally I would say that Indonesia is a way diverse country in all aspects of life. It has more than 13,000 islands in it and has a huge array of unique animals living in it that does nothing else but further adds to the awesomeness of Indonesia. And because of this kind of diversity, every visitor finds something for him in this country that suits his personal interests. Talk about beaches, they are present in Indonesia; speaking about volcanoes, they too are present in Indonesia; want to see dragons, you are at perfect place; want to get inspired by Hindu Temples or Buddhists Temples, you definitely can find these here, thus so on.