The Best Internet Radio Stations

Radio has been an enjoyable past time of people for so many years. Radio is something that everybody listens to, no matter what. No downloading, no buffering and so enjoyable, gives you a feeling that you are connected to many. Not only songs, but you get to know many other important aspects of life through the radio like news, general knowledge etc.  As we all know since the day internet has stepped into all of our lives, it has improved our lives. The internet has also improved the experience of internet radio. As now every global  radio station can easily be downloaded on your smartphone’s. There might also be some radio stations that you might not even be aware of but which promote a good sense of community. Following are the best internet stations that are must hear by everyone in the world. These are for the different moods of different persons.


Best Internet Radio Stations

  1. XRAY FM

Xray Fm is a radio station based in Portland. It’s a mix of culture, music and little conversations, but what makes it different from the other radio stations is that it has variations in music, i.e., it plays club, rock, metal, soul, psychedelia, hip-hop, R&B and every type of music form.

  1. Dublab

Dublab is a radio station that is based out in Los Angeles.Its a perfect channel to explore incredible as well as internet mixes that are played on the station. It experiments with musical sampling and streaming.Dublab doesn’t broadcast 24×7.

  1. Radar Radio

Radar Radio is a station of minimal budget based out of London.It  broadcasts  strange,amazing and little experimental  material that some other radio stations might not broadcast.It has very talented, creative and open-minded people working on it.


  1. BBC Radio 6 Music

Though it’s less recognized than its sister-radio station Radio 1, but it has still managed to make its place. BBC Radio 6 is the best place to find the latest music from underground.Also the DJ’s that play here have an excellent eclectic taste and a lot of adventurous knowledge.

  1. WFMU

If you need the perfect balance between chats shows and great music then WFMU is the best choice for you. It’s based out in New Jersey.It’s different than other radio stations as it experiments  around in many ways. It doesn’t follow the basic standards of radio i.e weather forecasts, news, traffic updates,etc. The DJ’s have the freedom to play music according to their own choice. Also, it has been broadcasting since 1958 and can be seen as a good inspiration by the young radio stations.

  1. NTS Radio

NTS Radio is based in London and is the best radio station in the world. It was recognized in April, 2011. It’s a multi-working radio station with good music, amazing talk show and various experimentations.It is good at every moment of time that you can tune into it anytime.

The above mentioned radio stations are the most popular worlds radio stations and should definitely be heard by everyone around the world.

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